Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Daily Rate: $1295

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a luxurious and elegant convertible grand tourer that exudes style, sophistication, and exclusivity, offering an unparalleled driving experience from the top down.

Design: The Dawn showcases Rolls-Royce’s timeless design language with its graceful lines, majestic proportions, and iconic Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. Its sleek and aerodynamic profile is complemented by elegant touches such as the signature grille, LED headlights, and chrome accents, while the retractable soft-top roof adds a touch of drama and transforms the Dawn into an open-air masterpiece.

Daily Rate: $1295
Miles Included: 100/day
Extra Miles: $5/mile
Deposit: Required

0-60 mph:
Top Speed:

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Rolls Royce Dawn

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